Nikonography is a place where one can find nature and landscape photographs and know when, where and how it was captured and other details regarding the photographs. I will also share my personal experience with all you guys like how difficult it was for me to take the photographs, how much time it took, what good or bad things that took place while capturing the moment.

What all I use?

Personally, I use NikonD750 and D80 and some time I also use my phone (Samsung Galaxy S8) to take the photographs. About the lenses- 24-120mm with D750 and 18-300mm with D80. I am a fan of Nikon but it doesn’t mean I don’t like Cannon and Sony I love them too.

Who is a Nature Photographer?

It’s true that you should not believe until you see and that’s what a photographer does. Nature is something which fills my heart with joy and according to me, only a photographer can make you feel how beautiful and charismatic nature is. And I like capturing the beauty of nature as my passion.

What is Photography for me?

It is the kind of a one-sided love from me towards nature. Well, I am saying it, one-sided love, because we the nature photographers are running after the beauty of nature but still, it is not waiting for us. It continuously keeps changing its place, its shape, its color and forcing us to run behind it.